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Filter Pane - Defined option list

Hi All

I am currently using QLikSense Web Dashboards to bring in data from a variety of sources, for example on premise SQL and Dynamics CRM Online.

I want to be able to setup a Filter Pane that has a predefined set of value, for example:

  • Country A;
  • Country B;
  • Country C;
  • County D.

I then want to be able to on a chart to be able to filter on what is selected on the Filter Pane.

Is this even possible? And if so how could this be done?


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Re: Filter Pane - Defined option list

Sounds a pretty straight forward request.

You can load your predefined list as an inline statement or from a controlled list i.e. Excel.

Then join the countries on your fact data usually this is some sort of iso code.