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GeoLocation Qlikview

Hi community, first of all I would like to apolagize for any mistake in english that I can commit from now on.

Well, I'm trying to create an Qlikview app that will be used on mobile devices, the application should show nears place to visit based on the user location.

I've heard some stuffs about a QVW called GPS - Store Finder Geo Location Document Extension  I downloaded the QVW document and the extension QAR file.

I've installed the extension in the Qlikview Server, and allowed the App to be opened in my Access Point using one of the Users Call License, but I can't get the same result as the demo in Qlikview got.

I just read in others posts that all that the Extension does is to set two variables with the latitude and longitude vLat and vLong respectively, I've created thouse variables, and for a simple test I've created two Labels in the app to show the variables values. But it simply doesn't work.

Anybody allready have to deal with this? Any ideia or north to follow?


Roberto Bechara