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Get the difference of dimensions

Hello I am facing a problem to find the difference or varience between two  values of same dimension.

My application data is this:

 1.JPGNote: Here FYQ means Quarter.

First I want Quarter Report which I get by using this data.


Now I want a table that shows the difference of FYQ-2 and FYQ-1  and so on.

Means if I select FYQ-x and FYQ-y in the Dimension then It shows me the difference FYQ-(y-x).




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Re: Get the difference of dimensions

So, you plan to select two months or are you going to select on the quarter? If you select quarter, what would the calculation be as there are three months in both the quarter? Also... what is your current expression? and what is your dimension in the chart?

Re: Get the difference of dimensions

Could you please share the sample file or the dimensions and expression you have wrote 

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Re: Get the difference of dimensions

I want to select two-quarter FYQ-1 and FYQ-1 and each quarter has 3 months. In measures I use set analysis that subtract the value of fyq-2  to fyq-1 but that is not automated I want that in future if I select fyq-3 and fyq-2 them it automatically subtract fyq-3 to fyq-2 and so on.

thats is my problem what should I add in dimension right now the there is no dimension it is "Getcurrentselection()"