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Help, with Set Analysis and multiple conditions

Hi everyone. I'm semi-new to QlikSense. I'm not a developer or programmer, but I do have some limited experience. I've got myself struggling here in set analysis. I've used it before, successfully in many charts; however, I've got myself stuck on one scenario. I can't seem to get it right. I"m really hoping someone can help me out!

I"m trying to put a line chart together showing trends for specific emails our company sends out. I want to really lock this chart down so that it only responds to specific selections, and ignores the ones I'm calling out. My data fields I'm working with are: Partner Name, Campaign Name, Emails Sent, and Case Record Type and Case Reason. This chart needs to be only showing data for a specific partner, a specific campaign name, and ignoring any selections made for case record type and/or case reason. So when a business user comes to this chart, they will see data for one partner, and one campaign, regardless of what selections are made. And if they select a case record type and/or case reason, the data in the chart does not alter; however, they can select a date or any other selection and the data will change with the selections.

If I use the following statement to lock the campaign name and ignore case reason and case record type selections, it works beautifully: Sum({$<CampaignName={ConfirmationOfService},[Case Record Type],[Case Reason]=>} [Emails Sent])

As soon as I add in the third condition, it breaks. (see below). The data appears correctly but when I try to test out selecting a case record or reason, expecting the data to not change, it does.

Because my data is aggregated by partner name and date, when I select a case reason or case type, it alters the data to only show me emails sent where cases and emails have a common date. And for the purpose of this chart, I do not want it to do this. I want it to show all emails for this partner and this campaign, regardless of common dates. Make sense?

Sum({$<CampaignName={Confirmation_Service_IDRPro},[Case Record Type],[Case Reason]=>*$,[PartnerName]="ABC">} [Emails Sent])

Can anyone help me out here???