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How to Connect to QlikSense Server with windows authentication using .net SDK in web application?

Actually we are tring to access qlikSense server without passing passing Network Credendential .But its giving us error saying "Connection lost after 4 attempts...". So, with network credentials able to connect and retrieve all sheets in different apps.

Why am i not able to connect to Qlik in windows. Do we need to specially config something.

Can anyone please help me in this.


using (var location = Location.FromUri(new Uri(@"http://xlcqliksenseqa.r02.xlgs.local/sense")))

location.AsNtlmUserViaProxy(certificateValidation: false);
//location.AsDirectConnection(userDirectory: "R02", userId: "A019046", extendedSecurityEnvironment: false);
//location.AsDirectConnection("R02", "A019046");
// location.AsStaticHeaderUserViaProxy("A019046", null, proxyUsesSsl: true);
 location.AsNtlmUserViaProxy(proxyUsesSsl: false, loginCredentials: new NetworkCredential("username", "pwd","domain"));
foreach (IAppIdentifier appIdentifier in location.GetAppIdentifiers())