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How to visualize following requirement in Qlik Sense?


There are 4 columns data in table

1. NodeName

2. DateandTimeStart

3. DateandTimeEnd

4. Attemtps

5. Success

I want to display only the Nodename along with DateandTimestart & DateandTimeEnd when Success>Attemtps.

This DateandtimeStart/End will be of 15 min duration for every day means.. there are 96 rows for a day for every NodeNames in Network with random values Attemtps/Success

Please suggest how to visualize my condition (Success>Attemtps) and which type of charts are best to visualize these requirement?

Thanks in Advance



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Re: How to visualize following requirement in Qlik Sense?

In your load script you could create a new field that is Y or N when Success is greater than attempts.

Then in  your chart you would not have to do the calculation.  Just check for value of Y and display only those rows data.

Based on what you have stated it sounds like a simple table would be the best visualization.  Unless you are trying to show some kind of trending.

I really would need a better description of what your Use Case is for this to give you a good answer.

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Re: How to visualize following requirement in Qlik Sense?


Thanks for revert.

I succeeded by providing following expression in Table (Charts)

Here its displaying only Bsname but i want to display two more column data also.. i.e DateandTimeStart and DateandTimeend including Bsname which is already displaying now.Test.PNG

There are around 10+ Bsnames but only above Bsname is matching if condition and for the same reason its displaying only HudHud*** Name in Chart.

Similarly can you explain easy way to display data in detail as i'm unable to use if condition in Load script.

Please share sample script by using above column data.