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Is it possible to amend data while it is being uploaded?

I am working on an app for a company that has multiple programs that all run independently to each other. Each program uses there own database for their project info. I have been asked to take all of the data for all of the program and put them together so we can report on everything in one place. But the issue I am running into is that the programs all use numerical values for Project ID. So there is the chance that the program ID's will have duplicate entries from multiple programs.

I think that a simple solution would be to amend the data when the data is being uploaded so rather than having a numerical value for project id it would include a program identifier so that way I wont have an issue with duplicate ID's when I end up concatenating the data sets together.


Original Program ID: 12353

Amended Program ID: AZ-12353

Is this possible to do when uploading the data sets originally?

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Re: Is it possible to amend data while it is being uploaded?

You should be able to just add a new line to the script with something like

'AZ-'&[Field] as [Amended ID],

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