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KML File Qliksense

Hi All,

I m trying to make Map through KML File... Now as per Document's Available KML as per Area Need to be Download From Web and has to load in QS Script...

I downloaded Word MAP KML File.. Now my question is i have Several Countries in my data like Germany, France , US etc and in KML Country name is in Some Codes Format due to this.. Word KML File not able to link to my Data model..

and When i am placing KML Field at front end total sales appears and which is obvious because my Data model is not linked with KML file field..

can any one suggest how i can plot exact map using KML??



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Re: KML File Qliksense

can you upload your KML and list of countries ?  It is farily straight forward to cleanse the data to make the countries map up using a mapping load, or conditonal functions like if, match,wildmatch...