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KPI Widget - Average on minimums

Hi Guys,

I have been searching forever for a easy answer to this problem that i have - please can someone help

Data example

Capturer     start time     date

Martin          07:00          13/04/2016

Martin          08:00          13/04/2016

Alex            06:00          13/04/2016

Alex          12:00              13/04/2016

And so on....

I need to use a KPI widget to display the average of the min start time, IE; Martins min start time(which is 7:00) and alex min start time (which is 6:00) thus the average would be 6:30 (which the KPI widget should display) sounds very simple but i can not get it at all to calculate the avg of the min start times, it always just displays the lowest value in the start time range and not an average.

Any idea?

Thank you,

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Re: KPI Widget - Average on minimums

May be this:

Time(Avg(Aggr(Min([start time], Capturer)), 'hh:mm')

Re: KPI Widget - Average on minimums

=Time(Avg(Aggr(Min(Time#([start time],'hh:mm')),Capturer)),'hh:mm')

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