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Contributor III

Limit Chart Dimension Based on Measure


I have a report where a user is able to select which metric they would like to view via a Variable Input drop-down (ex. Sales, Unit, Average Transaction, etc.). A chart on the report uses this variable metric as the measure so that the measure changes according to the metric the user selects for the drop-down. For example, the chart shows Sales by Product, the user changes to 'Units' and the chart will show Units Sold by Product.

Now, one of the metrics is Penetration with formula sale_amount_x/sale_amount_y. I would only like the products with at least sale_quantity_y  >= 100 to be shown. In other words, Sales Penetration by Product for products that have sold at least 100 in quantity. 

How do I go about doing this? I have similar charts as Product but for Brand, Category,and Department which Product rolls up into. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Perhaps this

Sum({<Product={"=Sum(sale_quantity_y)>=100"}>} (sale_amount_x/sale_amount_y))

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