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Macros for dynamically export table objects to Excel

Hello everyone,

I'm not totally new to Qlik, but I'm new to VBA scripts. I try to export a table object to Excel, which works fine based on some examples I found, but what i try do to is dynamically pass the table object id. The table object id that i want to export changes based on some selections. For example if i choose Var1 = 1 and Var2=1 then show tableID1 etc. Wehn i press the export button that run the macro i want to export the table object that is shown.

Here is a part of my code:

sub ExportWithSelections

      Set XLApp = CreateObject("Excel.Application")

      XLApp.Visible = True 

      Set XLWorkbook = XLApp.Workbooks.Add

      Set XLSheet = XLWorkbook.sheets("Sheet1")

      XLSheet.Range("J1")="Selected Filters:"



      ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("CH177").CopyTableToClipboard true

      XLSheet.Paste ' -4163    'values

      XLSheet.Range("B:F").NumberFormatLocal = "#.##0"


rem ** selection of the table on=bject id**


      XLSheet.Paste ' -4163    'values

      XLSheet.Paste ' -4163    'values

      XLApp.Selection.WrapText = false

      set XLSheet = nothing

      set XLWorkbook = nothing

      set XLApp = nothing

end sub

I try to include something like this but it seems like the syntax is not correct. getVariables is a function that i use to determine the variables values so i can decide which table object id i should pass to the method.


FUNCTION getVariable(varName)

set v = ActiveDocument.Variables(varName)

getVariable = v.GetContent.String



Dim obj as string.

if getVariable(vNA=1 and vCurrentDimensionId=1)

then obj="CH198"


  getVariable(vNA=1 and vCurrentDimensionId=2)

then obj="CH203"


  getVariable(vNA=1 and vCurrentDimensionId=4)

then obj="CH204"


  getVariable(vNA=1 and vCurrentDimensionId=3)

then obj="CH205"


  getVariable(vNA=1 and vCurrentDimensionId=8)

then obj="CH202"


  getVariable(vNA=1 and vCurrentDimensionId=8)

then obj="CH202"


  getVariable(vNA=1 and vCurrentDimensionId=9)

then obj="CH206"

end if

Any suggestion would be very much appreciated.

Best regards.