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Market Shares by Period

Here is the requirement where I need to calculate the market share of Sub Brands under a single brand for a period. Like in January, there are 2 sub brands under a brand with a value each. For each sub brand I first need to calculate the market share by period which I was able to achieve by a set.

Additionally some sub brands are launched in a different month like February, there are three sub brands where from above scenario one sub brand gets launched in February which will start having values.So for 2 sub brands, January is M1 and for the third February is M1 based on Launch Period which will have market shares based on regular reporting period.

Now I need to achieve a chart which compares the market share of Sub Brands calculated by Reporting period plotted against a dimension M1,M2,M3 with their market shares. On a nutshell, I need to know how much is the market share is getting high/low based on their Launch periods.

Would be nice if suggestions are given.

Thanks in advance.