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Contributor II
Contributor II

MutualInfo function - how to use

I saw this dmeoed at Qlikworld 2021 and see the function is available in script editor, but cant find anything in online help. 

Does anyone have this information as well as any on using the new timeseries featurein insight advisor

Thanks in advance


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Maybe you should split up your questions in two posts?

Here is what I have tested on MutualInfo()
The simple syntax is: MutualInfo(TargetField,DriverField,Datatype)

You can add more input values after DataType but I'm not sure how to use those yet.

Datatype is not clear to me but on the session he talked about two discrete fields as Target and Driver, and then added 'dd' as data type, which makes me guess that continuous fields has a 'c' as datatype and discrete fields has 'd' so if your target is discrete and driver continuous (numeric) you enter 'dc' as data type. I tried this and it seems to work, but I am just guessing here...

The mutualinfo() will return a value between 0 and 1. The more related the Driver field is to the Target field, the closer it will be to 1. For instance if you enter the same field in Driver and Target you should get value = 1. and if there is no relation, for instance if you take orderNo as Driver and Churn as Target, you should be close to Zero.

Hope that helps.


Svebeck Consulting AB

New features tend to show up in the SaaS doc before the windows doc