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Need getSelectedCount() help


I have a table in QLik Sense and when I select a 'Proc_id' from the dimension's drop sown list, the associated value is listed in the below pivot table.

I am using this expression: -

if(date(ALERT_CREATE_DATE) > Date('$(vDATE_ALERT)' - '$(vRANGE_ALERT)') and date(ALERT_CREATE_DATE) <=Date('$(vDATE_ALERT)'), date(ALERT_CREATE_DATE)) in the 'Alert Date' field and all the rows in the table is coming according to the expression, but when I search the Proc_id from the drop down, I found that all the proc_id is coming instead of satisfying the condition. SO is there any problem in the dimension listing?

and the second thing is when I select proc_id from the list, the values associated to it coming in the below table:-

and we are using the below expression to show the value in it:-

=if(GetSelectedCount(PROC_ID_TRAN)='0' and GetSelectedCount(ALERT_ID_TRAN)='0','-',text(PROC_ID_TRAN))

but when I use an expression :-

if(date(ALERT_CREATE_DATE) > Date('$(vDATE_ALERT)' - '$(vRANGE_ALERT)')


then if(GetSelectedCount(PROC_ID_TRAN)='0' and GetSelectedCount(ALERT_ID_TRAN)='0','-',text(PROC_ID_TRAN)) is not working for me.

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