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New field creation help

Hi Experts,

Can any one please help me on below requirement.

I have Two dates i.e, Start Date and End Date like below.

From these dates need to derive Leave Status column based on below condition

When End date is greater than Start Date then Leave Status need to show " Holiday booked and Taken"

When End date and Start date in null/Empty  then Leave Status need to show  "Holiday Not booked "

When Start date and End date are future dates from today  then Leave Status need to show "Holiday Booked"

Start Date                End Date                Leave Status

10/06/2018              16/06/2018              Holiday booked and Taken

-                              -                                Holiday Not booked    

14/07/2018             20/07/2018                Holiday Booked

Please help me on this.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: New field creation help

Try this:

if(End Date > Start Date,

    " Holiday booked and Taken",

    if(IsNull(End Date) and IsNull(Start Date),

          "Holiday Not booked",

          if(End Date > Today() and Start Date > Today(),

              "Holiday Booked"




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