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Operations Monitor: 'Task Path: Chains' What are these, and what is depth?

Hello Everyone,

In Operations Monitor it has a task planning sheet that shows the 'Task Path: Chains' and has a measure called 'depth'. Qlik has the following description for this in their documentation:

"Task Chain: Paths

The Task Chain: Paths table shows the full task path for a reload together with the task depth. When you select a task path, the Task Chain: Median Reload Duration (Last 28 Days) displays the reload duration for all the tasks in the task chain."


The story for Operations monitor basically states that this can be used to simplify high depth task chains, but we don't understand what a high depth task chain is, or how to prevent it in the first place.

We were hoping the Qlik Community could help us out by giving a quick explanation, and perhaps point us in the direction of some documentation?

Thank you all very much!