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Overriding Section Access



I have an application secure by Section access to only allow each country to only see data relating to them. 

On one sheet however, I want to create tables showing the Top 15 sales for each country, as this data is not view able due to section access, is there a way in the expression I can override this?

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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

You can't override section access because it is actually reducing the data in the app for that user. It isn't a matter of hiding it. It in theory does not exist for them. 

I can think of two ways of getting around this:

1. Remove Section Access and leverage user limitations in the set analysis normally, then leave items like the Top 15 without it. (Not suggested, because they will be able to leverage filters to see others data and create their own charts, etc..)

2. Include an aggregated table or field that isn't restricted in Section Access. This would be aggregated in the script and the separate/new fields would be used for the Top 15 Sales chart.

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