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Profit & Loss Statement with QlikSense


I just started using Qlik Sense and I find it hard to understand Sense.

I try to create a profit & loss statement, but it doesn´t work. I found a couple of instructions, e.g. "How to create a p&l statement" with QlikView, but i don´t understand how to do it with sense.

Can anyone help me with some hints, tutorials or whatever? I´m thankfull for everything that helps me to get used to Sense!!!


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Re: Profit & Loss Statement with QlikSense

could you upload some data for me to build a demo for you?  I will suggest using Pivot Table , or use a regular table.

You need to build the expression for EBITA , Net Income, Etc separately, and stack these parts together base on P&L format. It is hard to build it in one table or one Pivot Table.

I am an accountant too, I understand your pain , remeber  qlik is a visualization tool, for showing a financial statement is not its advangtage but it is not hard, maybe someone has some brilliant ideas on this topic.


Re: Profit & Loss Statement with QlikSense

Maybe have a look at this extension:

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Re: Profit & Loss Statement with QlikSense

Hi Christian,

We are implementing P & L in our organisation by using an Extension:

Please find one of the older threads on the topic.

P&L for Sense?

GitHub - iviasensio/PL-Smart: Smart reporting with Qlik Sense