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QVD file

Hi all,

After data load was successful for an app, I wanted to check my QVD file but I could not see QVD being generated.

How can I locate my QVD file location. I can see QVD for all the app in D drive but not this one.


In advance

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Re: QVD file

Hi Love,

Sometime it happens when we missed to add "\" before the filename.

Can you share the script so that I can help you better on this.



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Re: QVD file


Please check your store command syntax once

store Tablename into [lib://Qvd Storage ] \Tablename.qvd(qvd);

Here Qvd Storage is your connection name if your connection is like C:\QlikShareFolder\4.QVDs

then the qvd will be stored in that location with Tablename.qvd

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Re: QVD file

may be there are no rows in the table?

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