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Qlik Sense App Level Security Question

Hi all,

I have closely followed the steps in the video:Qlik Sense Stream Management Security Rules and Exception Management

But after I open the apps in the stream, there's no sheet inside and if I disable the custom rule and enable the default stream rule, it backs to normal and every sheet is there.

May I know if there's anyone who have met this issue before?

Thank you.

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Re: Qlik Sense App Level Security Question

If you do not see any sheets then,

you might need to create an App.Object_* rule as well to show sheets.

There are chances that you might not see all objects after writing below rule...


Default template will be App Object

((user.@YourStreamCustomName="YourStreamCustomProperty" and resource.objectType="sheet" or user.@CustomGroupUsers="CustomGroupUserValue"))

Here you giving full Sheet access to users who are added to Custom Stream property/Custom Group (if there are more than 1 user)

Sheet or App Object Level Security Qlik Sense

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Re: Qlik Sense App Level Security Question

Hi allisonfang‌, Make sure you have added App.Object_* under resource filter and have the proper conditions in the rule. If you still face the issue, post the security rule that you have added.

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Re: Qlik Sense App Level Security Question

Hi Aehman K,

Thanks for your solution!

I have changed a little bit based on your provided security rule:

((user.@YourStreamCustomName=resource.app.stream.@YourStreamCustomName and resource.objectType="sheet" or user.@CustomGroupUsers=resource.app.@CustomGroupUsers))

May I understand, how to change the security rule on sheet level?

As I will have a lot of different values under Group so according to the community discussion you have shared with me,

if we are adding the rule as below:

((user.name="Jarvis" or resource.objectType="sheet" and resource.name="Budget Analysis")

Later on, we will need to add chart and measure level security rules, right?

In addition, is there anyway that I could use custom property to tag sheet and users instead of hard-coding the name as we have a few hundred of users and groups, it may not be practical to hardcode it?

Thank you so much for your help!

Looking forward to hear from you soon!

Best Regards,


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Re: Qlik Sense App Level Security Question

If you create custom rule for App exception..in filter it should be App*..

I faced same issue..

But filter as App_* worked..

try that way.

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Re: Qlik Sense App Level Security Question

I have used App_* already but still don't work.

So I plan to add extra rules for app.object

Thank you!

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Re: Qlik Sense App Level Security Question

did you try App*

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Re: Qlik Sense App Level Security Question

sometimes even after defining App_* rule the sheets won't showup, in that case you'd need to create App.Object_* rule to show ALL SHEETS.

To break it down.

If you have 30 users

Group1=15 users

Group2= 15 users

Sales Stream- USA Sales App and UK Sales App

Group1 should only see USA App and Group2, UK App only.

For App level configuration to show all sheets without any restrictions

Select App.Object_* template

write below rule

((user.@SalesStream="SalesStream" and resource.objectType="sheet" or user.@USSalesAppUsers="USSalesAppUsers"))

and user.@UKSalesAppUsers="UKSalesAppUsers"))

Note: try with AND, OR both for UKusers as we want to make the rule simple into one, instead of creating 2 separate rule for 2 separate apps

or you can do

for USA Users

((user.@SalesStream="SalesStream" and resource.objectType="sheet" or user.@USSalesAppUsers="USSalesAppUsers"))

for UK Users

((user.@SalesStream="SalesStream" and resource.objectType="sheet" or user.@UKSalesAppUsers="UKSalesAppUsers"))

To make this work you need to create custom properties for App (check App and Users) value can be USA APP and US APP, Stream (check Stream and Users) Value is Sales Stream and just Users (check Users only) Value should be USA Users and UK Users.

And assign the designated property to the users

UK users should have uk custom property and UK app only, same for US users.

If at all after sheets show the objects will miss then you'd need a new rule again App.Object_*

use below rule only if you don't see all objects

((resource.objectType="measure" or resource.objectType="dimension" or resource.objectType="masterobject"))

If you still find it difficult, paste your security rule here and hopefully...if anyone can help you more on this?


Re: Qlik Sense App Level Security Question

Hi Allison,

I am not sure if your post is relevant yet but I had the same issue and solution is pretty simple.

When you create Security Stream Rules for App Default Rule the Resource Filter Automatically sets to App_* what means it applies on Apps but not on Apps sheets. Just delete the underscore so you have it as App* and you will see the apps sheet.


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