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Qlik Web connector FTP 'Could not find target'


Im using the Qlik FTP Connector, everything works well, but when I use a network drive as target, I cant get it to work.

Target directory: '\\fileshare\Folder1\Folder2')


Could not find target directory ('\\fileshare\Folder1\Folder2').


I know that i have access to that folder. 

Is the FTP connector only allowed download files to local directory? Or should it work with network drives?

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Re: Qlik Web connector FTP 'Could not find target'

I can see now that it states "FTPDownload - Downloads a named file, or files if you use a wildcard '*', from your FTP server to a local folder. The table returned shows the number of files downloaded."
ON https://betahelp.qlik.com/en-US/connectors/Subsystems/Web_Connectors_help/Content/2.0/Connectors/Qli...

But will it still work with a network folder?