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QlikSense Map with multiple geoinfo visualizations


is it possible to visualize 3 dimensions in the Qlik Sense Map Extension?

The screenshot (photoshop) shows what we're aiming for. We want to visualize/overlay the geo coordinates based on adress data (postal code/city) of our customers, project engineers and real estates, so that we can distribute our field workers logistically across the country and states most efficiently.

If it's not possible with the standard Qlik Sense map extension (what i'm guessing, since i've only managed to visualize one dimension on the map), are there any other extensions that can handle it?


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Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

Hi Gino,

  You can tweak your datamodel to merge the data points in one single dimension and with an extra column to define the dimension type you can set the bubble colors.


Qlik Branch 

This link is might be helpful for tou but it is using SVGs instead of a map and you have to create your svgs on your own, but you can use multi dimensions and measures in it.