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Contributor III
Contributor III

Release managment and source control with Qlik Sense

My company is going to build a platform that has 2 layers (development and production) and we are going to have source control with that (git). so I started to search for solutions.

First, I found QDF which is great to have modules but again all other parts (like visualization, measures, dimensions, ..) remain binary and we should ignore them. 

Second, I found serializeapp which converts an app to some JSON files but It didn't give any solution about how should we restore it.

Third, I found QMC Utilities which have a plugin for backup/restore in JSON files. However it's an alpha version and when I tried to test, it didn't work correctly (I made a new app and I published it but It didn't appear in the list for backup and restore!! after I found the API for getting the list and run it manually, the list in QMCU is also updated!). Also, I don't want to use an application because then some parts of the work will be manual.

Finally, I learned about QRS APIs I couldn't figure out what is the way to backup/restore APP in JSON files. I think the documentation is not good enough. 

So, do you have any solution or know an API which is my solution?

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Creator III
Creator III

We've been down this same road and it's a tough one.  If you're going to roll your own I'd suggest harvesting code from this backup and restore project on Github.  It uses the same serializer app and then will import the app back in.  However, this project hasn't been maintained in a long time.  We've implemented In4BI's platform manager with only a few users waiting for their promissed API that may help resolve this as well.  At the end of the day, just having the JSON files exported out so that you can diff them in Git is helpful.

Contributor III
Contributor III

We make a version control and deployment tool that may be of service to you.

Check it out here ----> https://motio.com/product/soterre/


If you have any further questions please let me know. 



Hi Parviz

We are a bit... late to the party here but if you have not found a suitable modern release management and source control product as yet please consider #WIP!

Should you be looking for capability such as:

- Support for Qlik Sense, Qlik NPrinting, QlikView

- Kanban based agile requirements/incident management integrated to deployment management

- Source Control & Versioning

- Publication/Deployment management

- Quality control (complexity analysis, quality gates etc.)

- Audit compliant

- Repository based

We are actively working with our Qlik partners around their managed services solutions with their customers as we are 100% web based and cloud compliant including micro services i.e. kubernetes etc. so check our #WIP



See the brochure attached should you be interested.