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SSO On clientside


Im trying to implement an SSO with qliksense. Everything is set up correctly and I get a positive response and a Set-Cookie header back if do a testrun in postman.

This is not working in in the browser (any)

I am trying to authenticate the client through javascript and XHR but i am not sure if i'm on the right track at all.
Im wondering how others have implemented this feature?
Any input or suggestions would be highly appreciated

Here is a link to stackoverflow to give an indication of what i have tried aleady

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Thank you so much for your response
It seems that both these links don't reflect our case. Or i'm missing something. We're attempting to authenticate though the Authorization header and JWT. We are trying this through client side javascript and XHR. If we make the same call in postman we get a Set-Cookie response header with the qlicksense token. This header is not present when the XHR is made.

There seems to be a lot of information on how to authenticate against Qliksense with JWT, but i have yet to find an example on how to sign in an client with a web interface.

So in short:
We want to authenticate the customer with JWT.