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Contributor III
Contributor III

Set Analysis - Sum first record only


I have got the following set analysis to calculate the days between an SKU's entry date and inspection date.



[Customer Field]={Customer},

[Received Date]={">=$(=date#('01/01/2022','DD/MM/YYYY'))<=$(=date#(Today()-1,'DD/MM/YYYY'))"}


NetworkDays([Received Date, Inspection Date])


It works, ok, but my issue is that - an SKU can have multiple inspections (and so multiple records in the inspection table), I only want to perform the calculation on the first inspection record for each SKU. Unfortunately, I cannot do it by date, but I do have an [Inspection signature_id] field, so the earliest record will be the lowest number attached to each inspection record for an SKU.

Does anybody know how this can be achieved?

Many thanks


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Champion III
Champion III

you will need to create a new field in your data model to flag the record with the smallest signature_id


Vineeth Pujari
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Contributor III
Contributor III

Hi Vinieme,

I am not able to do that, is there no other way? 

Many thanks