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Show more values in Line Chart

Dear Qlikers,

Is it possible to show more values in a Line Chart? So I can choose how many values will be visibleLineChart.png

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Re: Show more values in Line Chart

In a sense. You can limit the chart to a Top N. See the Limitation option of the dimension in the properties pane of the line chart.

Or you can use variables to select an interval of dates in a set analysis expression so the chart only shows the results for that interval. Or use this extension: GitHub - NOD507/SenseDateRangePicker: A date range picker extension for qliksense

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Re: Show more values in Line Chart

Hi Tom,

Sense cannot display more values here. You can only aggregate them to show a bigger time range in the same window.

- Ralf

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Re: Show more values in Line Chart

Hi Tom,

Alternatively, you can consider using a date drill down line -> year->quarter->month->week->day.

this will reduce the number of values you show but also give you the whole picture.




Re: Show more values in Line Chart

Hi Tom,

We have target 'time aware charts' for Qlik Sense 3.0 (to be released in June).  This enhancement will understand that you are displaying a time series and compress into the space (along with appropriate labelling).

In the meantime you may want to use this extension: http://branch.qlik.com/#!/project/56728f52d1e497241ae6987f



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