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Upload error with %-valus

Dear all,

following problem:

I have data in a txt format. the data will be uploaded in a cloud and the qlik webversion gets the data from the cloud.


In the data manager I can see the % values correct (see the column "CostOverru...") so I think the upload works.


But if I want to creat a diagram with the dimension "costOverru...") all the values are zero or does not show up at all. 


Does anyone has an idea why this is not working?


Many thanks!



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Re: Upload error with %-valus

From the screenshot it looks to me that you are using CostOverru as a measure . ( I see sum(CostOverru) in y axis)
as this is a text field it will not work.
suggest you convert the column to number or create another derived column on load which is numeric
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Re: Upload error with %-valus

Hi Markus,

You can try below in the script for the column
if (replace(costoverrun,'%', '')<>'No FC!',replace(costoverrun,'%', '') ) as costoverrun