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Use Qlik Sense Map Offline


Is there a way to view Qlik Sense maps without internet access?

Thank you,


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MVP & Luminary

Re: Use Qlik Sense Map Offline

Perhaps if you have a local map server. Something like a copy of openstreetmap on your intranet.

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Re: Use Qlik Sense Map Offline

Hi Mirna,

If you use a polygon map then you might not need an internet connection.



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Re: Use Qlik Sense Map Offline

I have this requirement too. Specifically my question to the community will be

For Qlik Sense Map Background (Ref: https://help.qlik.com/en-US/sense/3.0/Subsystems/Hub/Content/Visualizations/Map/create-map.htm)

  • Is the browser downloading the map background?
  • Or the qlik application downloading the map background?

The current architecture for a project : web-tier (Intranet Zone), app-tier (Internet Zone), db-tier (Intranet Zone).

  • With this setup, can we still render the default map background?
  • Have Qlik or other Qlik partners able to render the map background to work with open source map tile servers? If there is an example and online guide that will be perfect
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Re: Use Qlik Sense Map Offline

Hi Sangram,

what is polygon map, kind of png file? and how to set it up in Qlik Sense.

Many Thanks.



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Re: Use Qlik Sense Map Offline


Thanks for the guidance, there is a way to host the OSM in intranet (https://switch2osm.org/), what are all the settings to be done in Qlik side after host it to refer to the intranet hosted OSM instead of the Online version.