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how to display master list irrespective of the values not being in the input file


I have a master list of resolver groups which I want to display in Qlik Sense as a filter pane but the input file (JIRA extract) that I am loading doesn't have all the values of the resolver groups. So when I am using the column (Resolvers) from the input file in the dimension of filter pane I am not getting the resolvers which are not there in the input file. I want to display all the resolver groups irrespective of them being in the input file.

Can it be done and also how do I connect the master resolver group file with my input file, please suggest?

Please find attached 2 files for reference:

File Properties(master file): Contains the master list of resolver groups

File JIRA(input file): Contains column Assignee which are the resolver groups but not all the groups are present in this input file. So when I am trying to use Assignee in the filter pane I am only able to view 3 resolver groups whereas I want all the values from master file



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Re: how to display master list irrespective of the values not being in the input file

I'm not sure that I understand your question completely.

Why not load the master list that contains all values in as one table.  Make sure that the name of the resolver group id matches the name in your JIRA file.  Qlik sense will associate them automatically then.

Then use your master file list as your filter in the app.  You will then see all values even if they are not in your data.  That is where the white,grey,dark grey comes into play as you make selections.

Does that help at all?

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