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how to implement incremental load in Qlik sense


Please can you give script example to implement load in qlik sense. e.g I will be using CREATED_DATE to implement incremental load and it will be update daily.

I have 5 table and this field is not there in all table..

data is loaded 1st into QVD for each table and then model is created.. please can you give example where this incremental load will be implemented and script example.


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Re: how to implement incremental load in Qlik sense

Hi Kumar,

You are saying you have 5 tables do you mean all 5 are fact tables which should be joined to become one table ???

ideally we should do an incremental load on the final fact table of your data model... Please find a link below with very good example of the incremental load script.. As a standard in Finance people follow the insert and update method of the incremental load process.. Link below .. hope this helps..


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Re: how to implement incremental load in Qlik sense

Hi Kumar,

This link will help you:

Loading new and updated records with incremental load ‒ Qlik Sense

It depends, what type of data do you have.

If the source data is a database table then query the timestamp dinamically and append the qvd.


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