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iPortal Question

I have it installed and it is mostly working the way I want it to.

But I have a weird thing happening.  I added a new user to the csv files just to test the process.  I ran the UDC and the user shows up in the iPortal screen correctly.  However, when I look at the user that was created in the QMC it is missing things.  The actual user name is not being displayed.  The groups and some other attributes that I specified in the csv file are not displaying either. 

I double checked the userid values and they match in both the user and the attribute csv files. 

What am I missing?  The user I am trying to test with is m_hartman.  The attchment shows the values in the 2 csv files.  Everything looks ok here to me.

When I look at the user in the QMC the groups, title, udc, image are all missing from the properties and the name shows the userid and not the full name.  They do display for the standard users provided when you install this.  The QMC file shows what is being displayed for this user in the QMC.

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