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map, single area selection, no data filtering


I have a map with the Area Layer and I would like to be able to select a single country but still be able to see all other countries that were originally on the map. Reading the community forum I found only posts suggesting the following:

  • go to the field setting
  • select "always one selected value"

but it doesn't work like I need. Please have a look at the example blow.

Here is the initial state: a map with some areas.


When I select the "always one selected value" checkbox and click on a country then all other countries are removed from the map. This is wrong, I don't want it to work like that.


When the "always one selected value" checkbox is not selected then counties are not removed from the map but I can select more than one country. This is wrong, I don't want it to work like that.


Ideally, I would like to have the selected country highlighted with a color and all other countries turned gray.


When I select other country then it gets highlighted and all other countries turn gray.


Could you explain how to do it in Qlik Sense?

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