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What's the next best thing to attending and event in person?

What's the next best thing to attending an event in person that is discussing #Healthcare, #VirtualReality#AugmentedReality and #MixedReality


Participating in #VirtualReality of course. 

I'm not kidding around. The SXSW Conference in Austin (Mar 8-17) includes some fantastic sessions on VR/AR/MR. Who doesn't want to learn about and discuss such leading edge topics. But alas not everyone, including myself, can go. Not to worry. On Monday March 11 from 1-2 PM EST I will help host a Virtual Reality meetup to talk about the same topics. We could use any background for this but since the topics are so "out of this world" we thought the International Space Station might make a great backdrop. You don't have to work at NASA to appreciate that. 

You do not have to have VR goggles to participate but they sure make for a much more immersive experience.  If you are curious but need help to ensure you are setup and ready to go, please don't hesitate to reach out. If you think VR/AR/MR are just for games and have nothing to do with "real world" issues, please reach out I'm happy to share some crazy cool use cases. 

Check it out: https://account.altvr.com/events/1145261398792601972




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