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Partner Ambassador

Add new user to Managed Space

Hi, I have setup a webhook based automation to add new users to a managed space. However, it looks like you can only add users who have accepted their invite, therefore my automation does not work correctly - it fires and completes but that user is not visible in the Space members list.

Is there a way to trigger an automation once a user has accepted their invite? Unless I've missed something, it seems pointless having a "add new user" webhook if you cannot do anything with the user record until their status is active?

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Hi Carl,

You're right, new users must accept their invitations before they can be added to a managed space. So the flow you describe above won't work.

If you try to recreate this through the UI, you'll find that it's also not possible to add a user to a space before they accepted their invite.

We're working on a new type of webhooks that allow you to send a filter. I'll ask our dev team if this will allow us to filter on users who accepted their invite. If that's not possible we might need to add a new webhook that listens to an 'invitation accepted' event, I'll share this with product management.

I'll keep you posted if I get new information.

Kind regards,