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Partner - Contributor II

Application Automation connect to company GitLab


currently, I trying to connect our company Gitlab to Qlik Application Automation.

First of all, it looks like, there is a typo in the UI for connecting to the Gitlab instance:


Secondly, I am struggling with the authentication to GitLab. As in the Setup mentioned I created an Application on the GitLab instance but I have no clue where to get the Callback URL from. 


I already tried different URLs like "https://[tenantURL]" or "https://[tenantURL]" but nothing really works. 
There is always these error message while linking the connection: 

An error has occurred

The redirect URI included is not valid.

Does someone know which URI I need to enter here or where do I get this from? 
Maybe this should also be explained within the Setup of the Gitlab Connection.

Thanks in advance


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Hi @JyotiChoudhary_S 

Sorry to hear that.

I will add the steps here on how to get connection guid.

Connection GUID may be needed by Qlik Support to help with further troubleshooting as we can identify potential issues using the GUID provided.

This will require the use of your browser's debug tools. 

  1. In the automation experiencing the issue, navigate to the Connections (1) view.



  2. Open your browser's debug tools and open the Network (2) tab. 
  3. Search for Connections (3)
  4. Click on Connections (4) in the Name tab
  5. Select Preview (5)
  6. Locate the Connector by name and expand it. Copy the GUID 



  7. Send this GUID to support.

Hope this helps!