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Automation Loop

Hello all, 

I am trying to create an automation that loops though a list of people based on a dimension and then generates a report for each person from an app with their name selected and then emails the report to them. (All of the information needed lives in one app). 

I have been able to run the automation (using my email as the recipient for practice) however, once it runs through the list of people, the loop errors. 


So, my next thought was to add a if condition (if the field value is empty, stop the loop, if it is not, continue the process of generating the loop. Unfortunately this still did not fix the issue and I am still getting the same error message. Any ideas on how to correct this would be greatly appreciate! 🙂

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Former Employee
Former Employee

Hi @LorynHartbarger ,

Can you please share more details on your automatio (screenshots or the full workspace) 
Which block is giving this error? It seems like the field_value is empty for that block, so or it is not mapped correctly, or you need to do an if condition before that block to check if the value you want to add to this input is actual not null/empty. 



Thank you for your question @PietMichielRappelet . Here is a screenshot of my automationLorynHartbarger_0-1665142981507.png


I am getting the error message on the select field values 3 block.

Former Employee
Former Employee


It is not clear which blok is giving the error you are referring to. 
However, I can see some potential issues

  • You are looking inside a loop - please note that the block 'get straight table data' is already starting a loop, so no need use a 'loop block'.  You can see visually that something is looping by the rectangle starting from the block. 
  • Also note that you need to specify in the reporting blocks the specific selection (again), the selected field values selected in the automations are not automatically transferred to the reporting blocks. 

Did you already looked at the template 'Send a burst report to email recipients from a straight table' ?