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Contributor II
Contributor II

Pull request and review in Github once changes is made to a load script and app

In Qlik Automations; I wish to set up an automation which triggers a pull request and a review of changes made in the load script and sheet objects. The purpose is to have a process for reviewing and approving changes made to apps in production. For instance:

1) I publish an app in production to a shared space

2) Later, I make changes to a) load script and b) I add a new line chart to a sheet/visualisation.

3) I re-publish the app in the shared space. Now, since an app is re-published, I want a trigger to be created in Github. The trigger should ask to review and control the changes made to the script and sheet. It should ask other team members to review the changes. 

4) This should happen in a separate branch, before the changes made are merged back into the main branch

I am not able to achieve this in Qlik Automations, in the sense that I cannot compare changes in the load script (see attached PNG of load script of how I would expect this to look in Github) and sheet objects in Github. See attached PNG of my automation. Can anyone advise on how to set up this automation correctly? 

@NikoNelissen-Qlik @AfeefaTk @Emile_Koslowski 

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Contributor II
Contributor II

cmon please i need help