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Partner Ambassador

Who has the rights to start an automation from a button action in a published Qlik app?

Hi Community,

We have a task chain being run by application automation - we want a user to be able to start the task chain by clicking a button in an app. The use case: The task chain will go and fetch the latest data from the DB and update the app on the spot for the user.

Who has the rights to start an automation? What role would they need?

I have tested this by placing a button in an app in a managed space - the button has an action to start the required automation. I then log in as a normal business user who has the roles 'Can View', 'Can Contribute' and 'Can Consume Data', however clicking the button will not start the automation. I can't think of why the user would need 'Can Manage' or 'Can Publish' roles, but have also given the user these roles and this makes no difference.

Note: The user account has none of the 7 'User' or 'Admin' roles allocated via the console.



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Are there any further developments on the on button click feature being used for all users rather than just those who own the automation? Any clarity on this would be great: @Michael_Tarallo , @PietMichielRappelet . This seem like a crucial feature to incorporate. 

Could someone more thoroughly explain the Triggered Webhook work around? @scottduthie maybe you have some further details you can share?


It's in the roadmap to include automations in shared spaces, which will allow for broader use of the button based on the space permissions.
An alternative today is having the automation set to the triggered run mode, then everyone with the url and token can trigger the automation by using the Call URL as an action on the button.
First you'd need to get the webhook URL:
Then the webhook URL must be appended using query string parameters to include the inputs, for example:
&stage=' & GetFieldSelections([Stage Enum]) & '&opportunity_id=' & GetFieldSelections(Id)

A good example that use the webhook approach is this extension where the dimensions and measures are sent within the body:


Hello @J_Lindberg ! I tried to use the call URL option, but it does not work.

It works when I own the automation, but if I transfer the ownership, the automation "runs" but nothing happens.

This is the url I'm using:

I also tried the extension you mentioned, but it is the same.

Could you please advise?




Former Employee
Former Employee

Hi @jmbenedetto 

You need to set the start block of the automation to 'triggered' and configure the trigger curl (with token) as url you open from the hub.
Details can be found in following article (option 2):

hope this helps
Kind regards, 
Piet-Michiel Rappelet
product manager Automations.


Hello, Piet. 
Thanks for your reply. I did everything you suggested. Then, I understood the problem.

To test if the automation was working when I was not the owner, I changed the automation ownership to another team member and clicked on the button.

What I didn’t know is that the execution token changes when you do that. And that was the issue.

There is no mention of this on the documentation, so if I’m right it may be an useful addition.