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Contributor III
Contributor III

Azure DB connector

I want to make a connection to MS Dataverse. based on MS documentation I found that it is possible to make a connection directly to SQL DB.

Use SQL to query data (Microsoft Dataverse) - Power Apps | Microsoft Learn


I tested this connection on my PC and all works fine I connected to DB.

I made this Connection on Qlik 

When I created a connector and tested that it was successful.


issue when i try take data i get this error:

Error msg.jpg

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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

@arnbank did you manage to resolve this issue?

Contributor III
Contributor III


and yes and no. In general created connection is working and if you try to load something like this:

LIB CONNECT TO 'LTP Group - Furniture:Dataverse SQL';

SELECT TOP (1000) *
FROM [dbo].[report]


you will get data from Dataverse. but if you want to use the Qlik selector tool then I still have the same issue 🙂 I developed my queries in SSMS and then I just copied them to Qlik.