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Seeking Assistance with Big Data Analytics and Enterprise Connectivity

Hello Qlik Community,

I hope this post finds you well. I am currently working on a project involving big data analytics and enterprise connectivity using Qlik, and I have encountered a few challenges that I believe the community's expertise can help me overcome. I am reaching out here to seek guidance, insights, and potential solutions.

I am working on integrating big data sources into Qlik for advanced analytics. My goal is to establish seamless connectivity between Qlik and various enterprise systems to harness the power of big data for insightful decision-making.

Challenges I'm Facing:

Big Data Integration: Integrating large volumes of data from diverse sources (both structured and unstructured) into Qlik for comprehensive analysis.
Enterprise Connectivity: Establishing robust connections with enterprise systems, databases, and applications to ensure real-time data access and accurate reporting.
Optimizing Performance: Enhancing the performance of Qlik in handling big data analytics without compromising on speed and efficiency.

What strategies have you found effective for integrating big data into Qlik efficiently?
How can one ensure seamless connectivity with various enterprise systems, and are there any best practices to follow?
Are there specific optimizations or configurations within Qlik that can enhance performance when dealing with big data sets?

If you have experience or insights into these challenges or related topics, I would greatly appreciate your input. Whether it's sharing best practices, recommending resources, or providing solutions to specific issues, your contribution will be invaluable to me and others facing similar challenges.

Thank you in advance for your time and expertise. I look forward to learning from the experiences of the Qlik community.

Best regards,


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Hi @stellagomez 

You have many and wide range questions !

First of all, I think that you may need a professional assistance, engaging one of our partners or directly from Qlik. Check following link to find a partner near you or one of our global offices

Qlik has a properly approach to handle all your needs and requirements, devoloping internal skills and vision of future, but fitting your budgeting. Big Data it is a generic term for Streaming Data, Flat or image files and even Cloud DBs, then Qlik will give you the best approach for each use-case and business requirements.

Some good read that you can start with it is our Solution page ( where you can explore the products and how to apply it on your use-case.




Your project exploring big data analytics and enterprise connectivity with Qlik sounds like a fascinating endeavor! Leveraging the power of big data for insightful decision-making is indeed a valuable pursuit.
Have you considered collaborating with an Acumatica Partner? Their expertise in cloud ERP solutions could complement your efforts with Qlik, providing a holistic approach to data analytics and enterprise connectivity.
Keep up the great work, and don't hesitate to reach out if you need further assistance or insights along the way!