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Gold Client 8.6.1 Patch 2 Available


Gold Client 8.6.1 Patch 2 was released to customers at the end of July. Please note Gold Client patches are consolidated so everything contained in patch 1 is incorporated into patch 2. Below are a few new key features in this patch:

New Transformation Type “Alphanumeric (X1)” Added

Table fields assigned to this new transformation type are transformed by placing letter values equal to X and numbers equal to 1. For example, a value of “123 Main Street” in KNA1-STRAS would be transformed to “111 XXXX XXXXXX” during export, and the transformed values can be viewed in the target system after import.







Trigger Import Option Enhancement

Under Import Options, the Trigger Import option allows users to choose a target system to automatically import the data into upon completion of the export. This has been enhanced to allow multiple RFC destinations, using the multiple selection button, to be selected as target systems. If you need the same data in multiple target systems, you can set the automatic import to initiate into all of them simultaneously when the export is complete.

trigger import.png

Additionally, the Import Options button is now available under Client Exporter for use with Trigger Import and Restrict Client functionality.


Improved Data Compression

Gold Client file compression has been extended for use with tables containing RAW and STRING fields. Error handling has been expanded to help analyze Gold Client data compression issues.


Enhanced Import Performance for S/4 HANA Table ACDOCA

Table ACDOCA does not have any primary key at database table level so import performance for large amounts of data may not have optimal performance. Found under ZGOLD – Configuration –

Application Settings (mconfig), there is a new parameter called EXECUTE_MODIFY_SQL_STATEMENT to improve import performance for table ACDOCA. The import SQL will function differently to manage this table more efficiently.


If you are interested in applying this patch to your Gold Client landscape, please submit a support case for at


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