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Dealing with SQL Server Backups on AWS

We have been using Replicate from SQL Server Sources for about a year.  We have recently consolidated many SQL Servers that resided on multiple  AWS accounts and AZURE.  Part of the new strategy was to use FSX drive storage for the logs and offloading backups to S3 storage.   I have noticed inconsistent results applied through Replicate since the logs were moved to this type of storage.  We backup our logs every 5 minutes and we already have a reload issue if tasks are stopped.   Does anyone have a suggestion for how to set up a replicate source to SQL Server when FSX storage is used for the logs and backups done every 5 minutes are shuttled off to S3 storage?   Can we access the S3 storage for reading the backup files?

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Hello Brian,


This is a very interesting scenario.  Can you please help clarify a few things:

Please elaborate on "inconsistent results".  What does this mean, can you be more specific?

Please also describe in detail the steps you are following when you do: "...we already have a reload issue if tasks are stopped"  We need to understand what you are doing (in detail) and in what order to comment.

Also what do you have in your task settings for your sql server endpoint?  Knowing where you are pulling from will also help (if you are doing online only then the backup location won't matter).