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Access rules

Hello, I need setup access rule for some streams.
I've done it with used video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=feSaaJZ7Jco
But I have one question.
In video on 4:35 minute author set two custom property values, but I can't do it.
I have drop-down list and I can take only one value.
How can I set more one values ? 

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Re: Access rules

Use the start page menu of the QMC or the Start drop-down menu to select Custom properties and click the create new button to create a new custom property. Repeat that as many times as you need custom properties.

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Re: Access rules

The create Custom properties is not problem.
How Can I set several values to stream, as well as a video...

For example,I've created custom property - "Group" and few values "Finance", "Sales".

I can set only one values "Finance" or "Sales".
I can't set both values "Finance" and "Sales" to stream.

Re: Access rules

Your screenshot shows that you in fact did add both custom properties to the stream. I don't understand your problem.

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Re: Access rules

This is screenshot of video.
My screenshot:

I can take only one value of list, If After I set another value, is resaved.
For example, I've set "Sales" and saved it. After I set "Finance", "Sales" was removed and save "Finance".
A can save alone value.
On video Qlik give a chance save several value, Why my Qlik Sense saved only one value ?