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Data Market Load keeps failing

Hello Qlik Community,

I'm trying to load in US Population Data by Zipcode via Data Market. I keep receiving the error:

QVX_Uknown_Error: the remote server returned an error: (403) Forbidden.

I've attached the screenshot. I loaded in world population by country data and it loaded fine. Not sure if it's something I can edit in the script or the issues lays with the source data. Please advise.

Thanks so much,


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Re: Data Market Load keeps failing

You need at first to unzip the file, see: Re: How to unzip files in qlikview ?

- Marcus

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Re: Data Market Load keeps failing

So to be clear this is for Qlik Sense Data Market. It's not a local zip file and is a sql select connection to a remote server hosted on the Qlik Cloud. If anyone from Qlik can help or raise the issue. That would be awesome.

World Population by country is working but not US Population by zipcode.

Thanks so much

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Re: Data Market Load keeps failing

We are facing the same issue when using Datamarket currencies exchange package. Any help is appreciated.

Note that we are using a trial license while waiting for the final licenses from Qlik.

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