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How to Hide Search Icons in qlikSense

Hi All,

How to Hide or delete  the Search Icons in a straight table in QlikSense  as show below picture, is it possible to hide or delete these icons in qliksense , If it is possible can you give an any Example

Removing searchicons.png


Sai Madhu

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Champion III
Champion III

i thnk there is no option......but u can create a text object and place top of the search symbol.



Master II
Master II

Hi Sai Madhu,

You do not have an implicit option to hide the search. And the suggestion which sureshqv provided will not work unfortunately as you cannot overlay objects in Sense.

Technically the search icon should be a cliff-icon. You will have to go with an extension to get rid of it. I am not asking you to create a table extension. You can create an extension to remove the search icon from the table I believe.




Not that this is always possible, but if it has not occurred to you, measures do not have the search option.  In my scenario, I had a description of the main dimension so I made it a measure to remove the search capability and thus removed the spyglass.

If this is a requirement and the dimension has to exist, you would have to build the dimension in the load script so the displayed table has all unique values.  By doing this, every column can be a measure and no spyglass.

I hope this was not too obvious and helps.


This thread is quite old. Did anyone find a workaround to get rid of the search magnifier in Qlik Sense tables?



This is my first day using Qlik sense. Did anyone found a solution for this simple issue?

Regards, Jeroen


Remove the dimension [Name] and replace it with the measure only([Name]); that should do the trick for a single column. 

This of course only works when you have a single value possible for that specific dimension.