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How to design Qlik Sense So that user can get addicted ?

Hi All

I have benefit a lot from the post i ask yesterday. There are 2 expert sharing with me my issue face in Qlik View data model. Today i like seek some one advise on how to design in Qlik Sense. As it is not an easy task. Due to the fact that Qlik View and Qlik Sense there are some different. For example in qlik view i can make use of the button for initial select and display certain sheet. Any way i have create a Qlik Sense , before i go further , may be some one can give me some best practice on qlik sense.

I will post my QVF doc in my next post.

Paul Yeo

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Re: How to design Qlik Sense So that user can get addicted ?

Enclosed my QVF , hope that this time , some one don't focus on my know issue that data model , instead focus on my design approach.

For this design objective :-

1) I base on very fews chart per sheet.

2) This is cater for sales review of 2016 performance.

Paul Yeo

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