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Map points filtering (KML + associations)

Hi everyone,

Let me start by saying that I'm new to qlik which will be one of the tools in my nearest future.

I have a problem with map points filtering.

I'm loading a KML file with points and some Subject ID under "name" tag. I then associate this table with another, which also has Subject ID as well as some other fields, eg. flag male/female.

When I make a filter with subject ID I can show all filtered Subjects I want.

However when I filter out males, females or both ALL data points on the map disappear - they're visible only when no "sex" filter is applied.

It looks like the data model's fine - all other charts, associated with different tables work fine with all filters (including "sex"), but I'm not 100% sure.

What can be the issue?

Here's a link to the app:


I was trying to share it somehow (upload id here, or upload file via forums), but qlik makes it really hard, if not impossible to sare with everyone - tips are welcome here as well.



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