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Performance issue

I have performance issue with my application.

My app takes more than 30 minutes to load data from the QVD files. I dont see any processor or memory issue.

When browsing the dashboards; it takes 2-3 minuts to bring the full dashboard.

Pls. let me know how can I tune my application.

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Performance issue

Maybe your storage/network is the bottleneck. Also providing a few more details to the number of records, filesize of qvd's and app and a screenshot from the datamodel would be helpful.

- Marcus

Re: Performance issue

Are you doing optimized loads from your QVD's ?

Whilst this is an old QlikView blog post, the principle for Qlik Sense are exactly the same.  https://www.quickintelligence.co.uk/qlikview-optimised-qvd-loads/

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