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Problem with calculated variables in script

I am trying to add some calculated variables to a table I am inputting from an external file based on a second table which is not linked to the first, using the FieldValue.  The secondary table has eight rows, each of which should produce new calculated fields in the primary table.  I am doing the calculation in stages to keep the code from getting unwieldy.  This means creating a new table for each stage, reading

I am having two problems:

a) the first three variables calculate ok, but the rest just produce zeroes,

b) the script goes continues to load the next two stages, but then gives a "Field not found" error in relation to one of the fields (TC1) defined at a previous stage.

The script is copied below.




    Tariffs, Monthly Subscription, Overage Charge per MB, MB included

    "A", 0.40, 0.5, 1

    "B", 0.80, 0.3, 2

    "C", 2.05, 0.3, 5

    "D", 3.40, 0.3, 10

    "E", 4.40, 0.3, 50

    "F", 5.15, 0.3, 100

    "G", 3.50, 0.3, 1024

    "TBA",9999.00, 1, 1025






    "Invoice Date",


    "Home usage (Kb)",


    "Usage charges - home",

    "Usage charges - roaming",

    "Current package cost",

     FieldValue('Monthly Subscription', 1) + Rangemax(0, [Home usage (Kb)] /1024 - FieldValue('MB included', 1)) * FieldValue('Overage Charge per MB', 1) as TC1,

     FieldValue('Monthly Subscription', 2) + Rangemax(0, [Home usage (Kb)] /1024 - FieldValue('MB included', 2)) * FieldValue('Overage Charge per MB', 2) as TC2,

     FieldValue('Monthly Subscription', 3) + Rangemax(0, [Home usage (Kb)] /1024 - FieldValue('MB included', 3)) * FieldValue('Overage Charge per MB', 3) as TC3,

     FieldValue('Monthly Subscription', 4) + Rangemax(0, [Home usage (Kb)] /1024 - FieldValue('MB included', 4)) * FieldValue('Overage Charge per MB', 4) as TC4,

     FieldValue('Monthly Subscription', 5) + Rangemax(0, [Home usage (Kb)] /1024 - FieldValue('MB included', 5)) * FieldValue('Overage Charge per MB', 5) as TC5,

     FieldValue('Monthly Subscription', 6) + Rangemax(0, [Home usage (Kb)] /1024 - FieldValue('MB included', 6)) * FieldValue('Overage Charge per MB', 6) as TC6,

     FieldValue('Monthly Subscription', 7) + Rangemax(0, [Home usage (Kb)] /1024 - FieldValue('MB included', 7)) * FieldValue('Overage Charge per MB', 7) as TC7,

     FieldValue('Monthly Subscription', 😎 + Rangemax(0, [Home usage (Kb)] /1024 - FieldValue('MB included', 8)) * FieldValue('Overage Charge per MB', 😎 as TC8

FROM [lib://Data for Checker/Usage extract.xlsx]

(ooxml, embedded labels, table is CH29_20150319_115647);



     sum(TC1) as TC1a,

     sum(TC2) as TC2a,

     sum(TC3) as TC3a,

     sum(TC4) as TC4a,

     sum(TC5) as TC5a,

     sum(TC6) as TC6a,

     sum(TC7) as TC7a,

     sum(TC8) as TC8a

     resident Users group by MSISDN;



     RangeMin(TC1a, TC2a, TC3a ) as Cheapest

     Resident Sums1;



     pick( match(Cheapest, TC1a, TC2a, TC3a) , FieldValue('Tariffs', 1), FieldValue('Tariffs', 2), FieldValue('Tariffs', 3)) as Best

     Resident Sums2;

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Problem with calculated variables in script

the first three variables calculate ok, but the rest just produce zeroes,

Which variables are those? I don't see any variables defined in your script. Or are you talking about field names?

Can you post the .qvf document and the excel file?

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Re: Problem with calculated variables in script

Sorry, yes, calculated fields.