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Relative Totals in Qlik sense in bar chart

Hi Experts,

   I am not able calculate relative total based on the dimension. I have a pivot table ass follows

Company NamesTotal Sales
Company 150000
Company 2
Company 335000
Company 440000

Now, I have to show relative totals of other companies when I select "Company 1" from the filter.

The output should be like this

Filter : Company 1 (50000)

Company NamesRelative Total Sales Loic for Relative Total
Company 2
-2000050000 - 70000 = -2000
Company 31500050000-35000 = 15000
Company 41000050000-40000 = 10000

How can I achieve this in Qlik Sense expressions?

Please help me out. I appreciate the quick solution .  Thanks in advance


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Re: Relative Totals in Qlik sense in bar chart

Please don't clutter this site with duplicate discussions: Relative value total in the bar chart using Qlik Sense

If you can't wait for little more than an hour for an answer then hire a consultant to help you.

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